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    Hi, we're David and Barbara. We established our waterbed shop over 30 years ago. We sell top quality UK manufactured Aquastar waterbeds and waterbed essentials and serve the general areas of Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield and Chesterfield. We pride ourselves on good old fashioned service (Scroll down to see what our customers say about us)
  2. What We Do
    We sell and install wonderfully comfortable, high quality waterbeds, you are welcome to visit our showroom to see our current selection. We also sell waterbed essentials like Conditioner-Vinyl cleaner-Matress protectors-Heaters-Liners-Waterbed matresses and Zip tops. We can also carry out yearly services and repairs
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    We look forward to meeting you when you visit our showroom (which has off-road parking). PLEASE CLICK FOR OUR NEW OPENING HOURS Tel. 01773 608855 Please click Here for Map
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New Opening Hours
(Please read before setting off to visit us)

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Could'nt  find a bell to ring! D&B Waterbed Specialists, key word being "Specialists"have an announcement to make. We have been trading successfully for over 30years in little old Somercotes , near Alfreton just a couple of miles off junction 28 M1. Yes! still selling and installing waterbeds. Yes! still have best friend and top experienced Waterbed installer Mike. Yes! still selling spare parts if needed, just slowing down a little that's all! Showroom is approx 40ft long with six waterbeds on show with different movements of mattress to choose from, still live on premises but have decided to close the showroom Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We will be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10 til 5 .We will be available by phone from 10am to 5pm except Wed and Sun. Telephone number still the same 01773608855
Waterbed News and Musings
We all know that water beds provide the most comfortable and cosy night’s sleep that money can buy, however without a doubt water beds are the most maligned, misrepresented and slandered product that has ever been made! The biggest culprits  are rom-coms, having to come up with material week after week they have covered every conceivable subject in the world from murders with bodies hidden under flagstones, characters who come back from the dead, lesbianism, kidnapping, you name it they've done it. And so it is with waterbeds. Do you ever see on a TV show a modern waterbed that stops moving in 1 second, is heated, devoid of ticks, mites and dust showing as the most relaxing comfortable sleep you will ever have? No, no, no, a thousand times no. They’re even recommended by some doctors for some kind of aches and back problems (which my wife has and was cured). These are some of the reasons we have been trading successfully in waterbeds for over 35 years.

Let’s start with just two of the quotes we've had in the years we've been here. These have always alluded to the very early waterbeds which were quite honestly a bag of water. (Of course the first cars ever made weren’t Rolls Royce’s) Waterbeds like most other products have improved beyond belief, gone is the wobbly bag of water, now they have special fibres which stop the water moving in anything from 1 to 15 seconds. They are made in every size, some with drawers that are like airing cupboards from the heat of water. They are the most hygienic beds ever made and the vinyl is strong enough to resist puncture. So back to the quotes. The first involving a very funny episode of Steptoe and Son. (Youngsters may have to Google it!) “Oh no I would never have a water bed since I saw Steptoe and Son” Here's what happened; Harold, the son in the series and his father were always trying to outdo each other. So Harold found an old water bed on a tip took it home put water in it then proceeded to goad his father saying I'm going to pull the birds with this bed (more on this subject later) so when the son went out his father stabbed a 12 inch screwdriver in the bed in a Jealous rage. Realising he’d gone too far he tried to sew up the holes he’d made with a needle and thread! Unbelievable! The second most quoted was an episode of Coronation Street. The bed that ‘leaked’ in this episode came about when a lecherous old store manager invited one of his female staff round (Cue dizzy blonde) to his flat for an afternoon of passion. The guy who had a flat below was putting up a light. He drilled the ceiling with a small hand drill about three quarters of an inch long. This supposedly went through the ceiling then the joists then the floor then the carpet and the actual water bed that has a 12 inch base, causing the bed to leak and come crashing through the ceiling. He would have needed a 6 foot drill to do this!
As we Steptoe and Son, this is a comedy programme and yet some people
tell you about the leak because it’s all they know about waterbeds.
There's nowt Stranger than folk is there?

You know instead of me just telling you something about oh wait…I forgot about the sex angle mentioned earlier. It is beyond me how on earth Harold Steptoe thought a bag full of wobbly water would enhance his sex life. Now a nice firm, warm and comfortable bed that makes you feel  relaxed and content, well that's something else